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How to choose the default user account to log in to Windows 10

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How to make your Android smartwatch's battery last longer

If you are part of the group of people who own an Android Wear watch, you should already know that the autonomy of these smartwatches does not last a day, especially if you use it constantly. To appease this problem, we propose some tricks to make the battery of your favorite accessory last longer.
1. Block/manage app notifications The notifications cause the smartwatch's battery to be reduced, although it is true that some are essential to improve the experience of staying connected to your watch, others can riddle you with notifications to the point of becoming intrusive. Fortunately, Android Wear allows you to manage notifications by "blocking applications," an administrator that will allow you to download or delete applications, as well as enable or disable your notifications.

To manage the applications allowed or not, you have to:
Open the "Android Wear" application from the smartphoneClick on the circular icon of the parameters at the top right, next to t…

How to sync and organize your contacts on Android Smartphone

The contacts are a fundamental part of our smartphones. Do not forget that these devices were originally invented to make calls. To be clear about how to manage and synchronize our contacts, we bring you this small guide for good practices.
How to manage your contacts easily The Contacts application (it has changed its name many times, but in the Oreo and Pie versions of Android it is called that) allows you to access the contacts associated with your Google account immediately. You will find a search button in the upper right and a large red button to add the contact in the lower right.

Your favorites, that is, the list of contacts that have earned a star (either on Android or the web), as well as the list of contacts with whom you communicate most, are shown at the top. If you usually talk to the same number of people, this is probably the best way to use the Contacts application.

Choose any contact to display its associated file. You can call him, send him an email or SMS (as long…

How To Use Your Own Calligraphy As A Source For Your Smartphone

Now, you can have your own letter in all menus, application names, and WhatsApp conversations. All the text you read on your smartphone will have all your essence, and it is the height of personalization. Find a printer and a black marker that we started.

Changing the letters of the operating system is not something that is done every day, and you need to have a few privileges for it. The system typeface is stored within the system files, and in order to modify these files, we must be the root of our device.

We also need to have Xposed Framework installed because thanks to one of its modules, we will be able to manage the fonts on our smartphone easily.
Digitize your calligraphy The first step to being able to use our letter as a source in the system will be to digitize our writing. For this, we will use an online tool called My Script Font. Go to their website and download the templates to digitize your calligraphy, they are available in PDF or PNG.

Fill in the template carefully bu…

How to make Windows 10 boot faster

Every Windows user wants their computer to boot quickly. Windows OS tends to slow down the booting process if more apps or desktop are installed into the system. Each time you boot your computer, the startup process slows down. To overcome this issue, Windows 10 offers a startup application manager that applies to any Windows user. It also shows which programs are slowing down during the startup process.In this guide, we will take you through the steps of making Windows 10 boot faster. Here are two methods that you can follow to speed up Windows 10 at startup: Using the Startup ManagerStartup manager is found in the Task Manager of Windows. You can change startup apps that are affecting Windows 10’s boot speed.To open ‘Task Manager,’ right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Escape keys at once to open ‘Task Manager’ directly, or Ctrl+ Alt + Delete and click ‘Task Manager.’If Task Manager opens with a programs list then you have to click on ‘Mo…